PorcPrunus Quibus VG87

PorcPrunus Quibus VG87

birth date: 3-6-2016,  Black

Quibus at 7 years old

PorcPrunus Quibus 6 years old

2020: Quibus as winner from the photo competition cows without calf, calved more than once.

PorcPrunus Quibus with Ruby 2019

PorcPrunus Quibus 28 months

PorcPrunus Quibus 23 months

Lineair Score

5,3 years; 105 cm; frame: 88 ; type: 88 ; legs: 87 ; udder: 84 ; overall: VG87


Sire: PorcPrunus Nico VG86

Dam: Breoch Phlox GP84


27/10/2018 PorcPrunus Rebus (sire PorcPrunus Hendrik) black female sold

23/09/2019 PorcPrunus Ruby (sire: Kyleroe Strebor, red Irish AI sire) black female

15/02/2021 PorcPrunus Rocky (s: Vreugdenberg Bryan) black steered

15/02/2022 PorcPrunus Rio (s: Vreugdenberg Enzo) red female sold

28/12/2022 PorcPrunus Rocket (s: PorcPrunus Horus) red steered