PorcPrunus Cleo VG87

PorcPrunus Cleo VG87

birth date: 13-2-2009 (our first calf) Color: black (with red recessive, RF+)

Cleo, 11 years old with 11th calf at foot (never had twins)

PorcPrunus Cleo, 10 years old

PorcPrunus Cleo 10th calf (Miekske) at 10,5 years old

PorcPrunus Cleo

PorcPrunus Cleo (v: Little Boy) 2 years first calf

Lineair Score

9,0 years; 108 cm; frame: 87 ; type: 86 ; legs: 88 ; udder: 86 ; overall: VG87


Ouders Grootouders Overgrootouders Betovergrootouders
Herikehoeve Little Boy



van Welsum Red Sanny Wervershoeve Tony Guesmakers Rudolf
Greentree Beatrix
van Welsum Little Lady Lentebode Marco
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Vom Suletal Liss
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Raamburgh. Lucky Lady
Boerhoes Bertha



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Van Welsum Little Lady
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Hesterhoeve Amberlight

Sire: Herikehoeve Little Boy VG89

Herikehoeve Little Boy (AV 89) frame: 88 ; type: 88 ; legs: 90 ; overall: VG89

Dam: Boerhoes Bertha GP82


11/3/2011: PorcPrunus Darwin (sire: Moomin Posh) black male

13/2/2012: PorcPrunus Dylan (sire: Mauhin Oakley) black steered

13/1/2013: PorcPrunus Damocles (sire: Mauhin Oakley) black steered

19/12/2013: PorcPrunus Dorina (sire: Mauhin Oakley) black female sold

2/12/2014: PorcPrunus Dirk (sire: Stuyvenberghof Poldark) red steered

21/10/2015: PorcPrunus Daphne (sire: Boerhoes Barack) black female sold

21/9/2016: PorcPrunus Drieka (sire: Grossensee Arion Pp) red female

29/8/2017: PorcPrunus Delphi (sire: PorcPrunus Farao) black female sold

2/8/2018: PorcPrunus Daisy (sire PorcPrunus Hendrik) black female

24/6/2019: PorcPrunus Miekske (sire: PorcPrunus Quintana) black female

02/5/2020: PorcPrunus Dirkje (s: Vreugdenberg Bryan) Black Female

27/3/2021: PorcPrunus Donny (s: Vreugdenberg Bryan) black steer

14/2/2022: PorcPrunus Denver (s: Vreugdenberg Enzo) red steer

26/2/2023: PorcPrunus Dakar (s: Vreugdenberg Enzo) black Steer