Mauhin Oakley

Mauhin Oakley

Mauhin Oakley (AV 86)

Mauhin Oakley (AV 86)                 as a 2,5 years old



Mauhin Oakley

birth date: 20/03/2010 Color: Black (with red and dun recessive)

Show results:

2014 National Holland Dexter Show Aalten: bulls: 2nd place. RESERVE CHAMPION

Lineair score:

3,1 years; 110 cm; frame:85; type:86; legs:88; overall: VG86

score dam: 6,7 years; 89 cm; frame 89; type 90; legs 86; udder 84; overall: VG88


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06/11/2011 PorcPrunus Noor

12/02/2012 PorcPrunus Dylan

28/03/2012 PorcPrunus Klara

PorcPrunus Klara (v:Oakley)

PorcPrunus Klara (v:Oakley m:PorcPrunus Jeltje)

26/04/2012 PorcPrunus Nicky

02/06/2012 Koe-Spot Fay

26/10/2012 PorcPrunus Newton

13/01/2013 PorcPrunus Damocles

04/07/2013 Dijkgraaf Kiki

25/09/2013 De Kogel Jolanda

19/12/2013 PorcPrunus Dorina

20/01/2014 PorcPrunus Karel (dun)

PorcPrunus Karel (v:Oakley)

PorcPrunus Karel (v:Oakley m:PorcPrunus Jeltje)

11/04/2014: PorcPrunus Nico

2013 sold to Boerhoes, born there in 2014: 10 calves and 2015: 9 calves and 2016 also 9 calves. 2017 6 calves.