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We love Dexters since 2006.

We keep this Irish race of little cows at our farm Landwinkel de Verse Kers and conservation pasture “De Musschenhorst” and “de Tuut”


Our herdname is PorcPrunus, latin for pigs and cherries, the agriculture bussiness we do.

All our animals are full herdbook and registered by: society Holland Dexter.


We have started with one in calf cow. When she didn’t calf we purchased our own non-short herdbull (Herikehoeve Little Boy). Meanwhile we had purchased 2 short-legged Dexter cows. The mating short to non-short gave us too tall-legged non-short calves. In 2010 we went on vacation to Northern England and we saw a big uniform herd with all non-short small Dexters without the tall-legged types we decided that was the kind of Dexter we wanted! It was the Harron herd from Veronica Schofield.

Non-short cows as small as the short-legged use to be (about 100 cm), but without the genetic (letal) bulldoggene. For our future breeding this had two big opportunities: At first we didn’t have to worry about mating short to non-short to avoid the lethal bulldogcalf. This gene would be eliminated. Second: we could predict very well what the height measurement of a born calf would be. It was very nice to see that the uniformity of our herd was improving fast!

Harron Fleur

At the end of 2014 we got the ability to import some in-calf heifers from England. There was one heifer from the Harron herd: Harron Fleur, named to one of the foundation cows of the Harron herd: High Cark Fleur. We hope Harron Fleur will have the same positive genetic influence on our herd.

Harron Fleur

Harron Fleur

Meanwhile (2019) our herd has expanded. We have about 15 suckling cows, a lot of heifers, some breeding bulls and about 30 steers for beef.


We are proud on our herd and like to show our animals to others. One of the possibilities to show is the annual show of Holland Dexter society. All full pedigree animals from the Netherlands can join. In 2014 this show was in Aalten, there were 27 animals joining. In the 3 categories we participated we got the second place. A nice result.

2015 Papekop Moon
In 2015 this result was surpassed. There came 24 Dexters to the ‘boerendag’ in Papekop. We participated in 4 categories. At the calves we were second (PorcPrunus Nina), in all other categories we got the first place! PorcPrunus Olga was the best maiden heifer, Kruiswijk Moon the best cow with calf at feet and PorcPrunus Nico was the best bull. He also was overall Champion.

PorcPrunus Nico

In 2016 the National Holland Dexter show was back on the farm and country fair in Aalten (28 entrees). Our calves ended in the middle. The young heifer calves Nina and Onara were placed 3th and 4th. In the class cow with calves our Moon was first and the first-calved cow Olga was 4th. In the bulls-class our PorcPrunus Farao won the first price! In the championship Moon became Overall Champion.

In 2018 unfortunately there was no show, due to lack of interest.

We manage our herd according to the principles of Low Stress Stockmanship.

Annemiek Scholten & Nico Steintjes