Color genes in our herd

Our herd is based on 5 mother cows:  Kruiswijk Moon EX90, PorcPrunus Noor, PorcPrunus Cleo VG89, Harron Fleur and Breoch Phlox. All are black but have the first 4 have the red recessive gene for sure.

Our first herdbull was red, he was Herikehoeve Little Boy. After him all herdsires were black until in 2020 Vreugdenberg Elmo was purchased.

First Dun:

In 2014 our first dun colored calf was born. He was called PorcPrunus Karel. We were not aware he was dun and he wasn’t very special so he was steered. Looking back we know that his dam PorcPrunus Jeltje and his Sire: Mauhin Oakley (both black colored) carried the dun gene.

In 2018 our first female dun colored calf was born. Dam was Odet, (grandsire Mauhin Oakley) and the sire was a bull (PorcPrunus Hendrik) born out of a import cow (Breoch Goldies Girl). We named this calf PorcPrunus Paulet. In 2020 she gave birth to a dun heifer calf, called Willeke. (Sire: Vreugdenberg Bryan). A few weeks later PorcPrunus Daisy (black) gave birth to a dun heifer to. She’s called Erin and has the same sire as Willeke.

PorcPrunus Paulet 1 year old

In 2019 we started to test our sires by UC-Davis. So now we know exactly what color genes are in our new herd sires. But the untested are given below:


Herdsires for the past 15 years in our herd:

Herikehoeve Little Boy RED: very possible carrier of dun gene, daughter PorcPrunus Jeltje carries dun

Mauhin Oakley: Carries dun (Dun coloured son called PorcPrunus Karel)

Stuyvenberghof Poldark: 35 progeny, none dun

Wildhof Lukas: lots of progeny, none reds none dun

PorcPrunus Farao:

PorcPrunus Horus (son of Farao): Carries red (Ed/e), no dun (tested)

PorcPrunus Hendrik: carries dun and red

Vreugdenberg Bryan: carries dun from sire (Woodmagic Hedgehog IV) no red.

Vreugdenberg Enzo: Red colored bull. doesn’t carry dun.

Tiggeloven Boris Pp: Black carries Red and dun.