Breoch Phlox

Breoch Phlox VG88

Breoch Phlox, bred by Jo and Nick Kemp in Scotland came to our farm when she was in-calf from Breoch Scout. We bought her without seeing her, but we had seen her parents when we were in Scotland in 2010.

Birth date: 12/3/2013 Color: Black

Breoch Phlox 2019 (6 years)

Phlox Quintana

Phlox with bullcalf PorcPrunus Quintana Pp (sired by Grossensee Arion Pp) at feet in 2017

Lineair Score

4,9 years: 105 cm; frame: 84; type: 84; legs: 83;  udder: 82;  overall: 84

8,5 years: 105 cm; frame: 89; type: 89; legs: 87; udder: 85; overall: 88


Sire: Breoch Truffle (Cobthorn Dannyboy)

Dam: Breoch Periwinkle (Breoch Sultan)


07/06/2015 PorcPrunus Quiana Jo (sire: Breoch Scout) died pneumonia

03/06/2016 PorcPrunus Quibus (sire: PorcPrunus Nico) black female

14/05/2017 PorcPrunus Quintana Polled (sire: Grossensee Arion Pp) black bull

30/03/2018 PorcPrunus Quinty (sire: PorcPrunus Farao) black steered

25/02/2019 Porcprunus Quantro (sire: Vreugdenberg Bryan) black steered

30/01/2020 PorcPrunus Quebbe (sire: Vreugdenberg Bryan) black steered

02/01/2021 PorcPrunus Quasi (s: Vreugdenberg Bryan (WMHH 4th x Harron Lucky Florin)) Black male

20/12/2021 PorcPrunus Quebec (s: Vreugdenberg Enzo) dun steer

03/12/2022 PorcPrunus Quebble (s: PorcPrunus Horus) black heifer

14/10/2023 PorcPrunus Q.O.T.S.A. (s: PorcPrunus Horus) black steer